Electroacupuncture According To Voll

An EAV device assesses the individual’s energy with a painless and non-invasive procedure. They are acupoints and a Meridians network, which is a network of energy channels that links each other and to various areas of the body or organs.. The Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA), which focuses on assessing organs in the body, is based in part on electroacupuncture, according to Voll. The patient holds a negative electrode in their hand while the practitioner uses a stylus to touch the body during EAV screening.

What Is Electroacupuncture Used For?

With the E.A.V. device we will check electrical charge of your internal and external organs.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Not at all.

Does It Hurt?

No. You will be holding a electrode and doctor will gently touch to the special point in your hand or foot. You also can send picture of your hands and we will be able diagnose you remotely.